Software Licensing Audits: Is Your Company Prepared?

Lisa Morgan, InformationWeek, 12/31/15 Software licensing audits can cause minor annoyance or excruciating pain, depending on their scope and how ready your enterprise is for the disruption and expense. We take a look at trends in software licensing audits and the ways they impact your IT organization and your business.


Microsoft SAM – An Audit by Another Name

When I heard a Microsoft executive recently explain its new approach to software license compliance enforcement, I couldn’t believe my ears. Statements like, “Microsoft does not endorse audits,” and “Microsoft believes that most of its customers want to be in compliance, they just need help with tool deployment and reconciliation,” sounded to good to be…


Stephen Pinson Joins Scott & Scott, LLP

Scott & Scott, LLP announces the addition of Stephen Pinson as Associate Attorney. Stephen Pinson is a graduate of Hofstra Law School and a member of the New York and Texas Bar. Prior to joining the firm, Stephen practiced in high-stakes securities litigation, regulation, and enforcement actions. He spent the majority of his time prosecuting…