BSA Audit Procedures

Most BSA Audits begin with a report from a disgruntled employee or former employee. The Business Software Alliance maintains telephone hotlines and a web site to encourage disgruntled employees and vendors to make anonymous reports against companies of all sizes. The BSA dedicates a substantial portion of its revenue marketing on radio stations and the internet to these “rats,” promising them confidentiality and the ability to make an anonymous complaint.

Once a report is received, the Business Software Alliance makes a decision about whether to request a self-audit or to immediately file suit. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the Business Software Alliance pursues the self-audit approach. Acting either through an internal enforcement attorney or an outside law firm, the BSA will send a letter to the target company requesting a self-audit. The request for an audit is a critical stage in the process, and the time when an experienced attorney can help your business the most.